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Follow as many people as you want!

August 15, 2012

I know a lot of people will love this update! Up until now the maximum number of people you could follow was 500 people. But many of you have so much love in their hearts that wanted to follow more!

We got many emails asking that we increase this number, and you know we can’t resist when you’re so passionate. So I’m really happy to say we did it! We changed the limit, it’s now so high that I doubt you’ll be able to reach it now.

Now you can find your friends, follow them and see what they’ve been hearting. Without having to worry about how many people you’re already following.

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  • Bella van de venter

    Why can i only follow 5001 people if i click on the follow butten if does nothing. I thought that i was pussing it wrong and not on the butten and i try a other one but it did the same. Is 5001 the limit.