“Whi” the People of We Heart It

November 16, 2016


Dear Hearters,

We Heart It is a visual app for expressing what you love. And We are in awe with how you (all 49 million of you!) express yourselves fearlessly, creatively and unapologetically. Remember love yourself week? Thanks to you, We are a community where being your authentic self is all that is expected. Good day or a bad, you will always find others who know how you feel.

That’s a pretty powerful thing. By freely and proudly expressing who you are and what you love, and supporting others doing the same, you power a movement that celebrates self-love over self-image. Our movement has blossomed into a welcoming oasis to millions for whom the path is not always friendly or clear. Together We are strong.

As a brand it’s important to start with asking “why” you do what you do. We are passionate because We know our work is important. It is humbling to think how you, our members, will break glass ceilings, reach new heights and move our society forward in our lifetimes. Our vision is to provide a place where every young person around the world – regardless of religion, orientation, gender or beliefs – can express their authentic self. Together We are strong.

Looking at the world around us, it’s clear We need to work together. As a Company We have ambitious plans to innovate and grow in support of our movement. And the first step is simple: We are evolving how We say our name from We Heart It to Whi (pronounced ‘We!’). This will serve as a constant reminder that Whi are in this together. Together, Whi are strong and together Whi can do this!

With all our hearts,

The Whi❤️ Team

P.S. – Celebrate our movement by creating a collection of what Whi means to you and be featured in our next product release! Here’s some inspiration to get you started. Get going and have fun!
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  • kats

    I prefer the way it is.

  • Shellyrose

    This is so cool, a movement I can definitely get behind. I love it!

  • Emily Gail

    this is exactly the reason I come to whi! It’s a place where I can truly be myself and I am into this evolution!

    • Gabriela P.

      Totally agree

  • Adorkable

    I’ve been part of we heart it for a while and it got me through a lot so I am happy that it is evolve to this new whi

  • Angel

    Is a beautiful way to express myself thats why I love we heart it❤

  • Meggie B

    I love this! Whi is so inspiring and a place where I feel I can truly be myself and find things I love! Go Whi!

  • Liz

    I just love this place

  • Tashely Samboe

    I love this #Whi

  • Chris culanag


  • Sofia Akkad

    I did not like the name whi I thing we heart it it’s better

  • Dan Howell

    i honestly just joined for the memes

  • seekbisexualcom

    I like it, sounds exciting #Whi

  • Mara Crowder


  • Yocelin Marie

    Love this #WHI

  • Layla

    This is amazing

  • Rachel

    I’ve been with we heart it for almost 5 years now and I feel it is the best place to express what you truly feel. But I have to say I like the old name better. Whi just sounds a bit weird.

    • Jadie

      Sounds the same “we” just looks funny

  • Jasmin_Ki

    Tbh I don’t like the new name :/ it feels/sounds kinda… Wrong

  • Nema

    Omg so beautiful;~;

  • Sarmad xcx

    Love it & Follow us here in We Heart it : SallKH ♥️

  • chawan

    i love it but i like we heart it more than it so please don’t change it …..

  • meow

    literally the dumbest thing ive ever heard….i remember using this site, years ago when it was just a random photo sight, there was so little traffic that the “discover” feature, which im pretty sure wasn’t even called that then and was just the home page, would be the same days in a row, as in no one was posting new pictures. I was posting hundreds, and then i got blocked for posting a picture with a nipple, because womens bodies are deemed “pornogrpahic” i came back to it recently and its turned into a weird social media thing

  • #whi❤️ I think they are just shorting the names for the hashtag ( We Heart It = WHI ) but honestly I like that they are brace to change it ! You have my support ❤️❤️

  • I couldn’t have said it better! 🙂

  • Daniella Sanchez

    Plz stick to we ❤️ It

  • Cindy

    This an amazing app and its a big inspiration for all us, i really love this ❤️ but i think that weheartit is better becuase whi is like weird and it would not be the same.

  • Rachell Cubias

    It’s better we heart it <3 Please, stick to WeHeartIt !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • President Snow

    I agree! The original “We Heart It” name is better! Please don’t change it to “WHI” as it honestly sounds dumb.

  • Aurora

    Love the idea of “Whi”. It’s less of a mouthful and helps us “We Heart It” users to evolve into something greater. When I first started We Heart It it was to get away from the world and to be myself and We Heart It really helped. And because of these reasons , I can’t wait for “Whi”.

  • haseki hurrem sultan

    Actually in Hebrew the sound “whi, or wi” means that something bad or ridicules happened.

  • Muqaddas Pervaiz

    We heart it it’s better❤️

  • Ebose

    I love it so much, it is so unique!

  • PZ

    It’s probably official already, but We Heart It is/was better

  • gmoooh

    Ye Wei Hart creative love you too

  • A

    Whi has always satisfied me by giving me expressions that totally relate to my situations. Whi never disappoints. Also I love the way people share and encourage. I always enjoy discovering it more and more.
    In support of #whi already.

  • zana


  • Jen

    Love this ..* It brings union to all of us .. Whi are better as a team ..*

  • wooohoooo.. I am inn……
    Just going to create a WHI board now!!

  • malahim

    hi whis

  • Sam

    Whi need to be together, We need compasssion and understanding. This is trully beautiful.

  • Jackie

    Either way it’s great it still helps us as users get away from everything and be ourselves I love the idea❤️

  • Ugh

    You spelled “white people”…

  • Very interesting discussion glad that I came across such informative post kepp i touch from INDONESIA.

  • I love the way people share and encourage.