From We Heart It to Whi

December 12, 2016

Dear Hearters,

We recently asked you to show us what Whi means to you (remember this?) and what you said was amazing. Your hearts and collections – tens of thousands of them – spoke to a movement that stands for love, self-expression and the freedom to be whoever you want to be. Thank you for sharing!

You may have also noticed something about our logo… we gave our HEART a makeover! We had a lot of fun coming up with this new look – it’s modern, graphic, fun and – importantly – centered around our HEART. And just to be bold – like our movement – we stuck with a vibrant pink. What can we say, we’re proud to be Whi. (ps – can you spot the W, H and the I? 😉)

Over the next few days you’ll see this rolling out on the app, on, on our Instagram, Facebook and our Twitter. While you’ll hear us referring to We Heart It as Whi (we), we always encourage authenticity and self-expression which means whether you want to call us Whi, We Heart It, W-H-I or more, we support it and we celebrate it… And that will never change.

Thank you again for being such an incredible and supportive community. You are changing the world one heart at a time. Whi really want to hear what you think, and want your help spreading the word by finding your favorite heart and sharing it using the hashtag #WHIHeart. Create a collection, share to your Instagram, Facebook or Twitter – it is up to you! Don’t forget to tag us (@weheartit) for a chance to be featured and watch the video below for some inspiration.

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  • sia

    oh it’s so nice i love it

  • ERE

    I LOVE IT! Such a powerful update with meaning! GO WHI!

  • Mariko

    Ilove WHI so much‼︎
    I’ll heart my fav tags from now and ever♡

  • Deya

    That is great! Anyways i didn’t see the H in the new logo, could someone tell me where H is?

    • Y O B U

      @Deya The new heart shaped logo represents the H

      • Maxi

        It’s around the “Dot” of the i.
        So the middle bar of the H is the gap between the dot and the stick of the i.
        Gosh I hope that makes sense

    • Marzikins

      The h is the first part of the W, I think

  • Jennifer Mcfarlin

    Very nice new logo and A nice site as well thanks for allowing me to be a part of WHI , be blessed , much lovez and carry on with your bad self 😉

  • toota11

    ❤️ انافخوره بكم كثيرا

  • Austin Mahone Fan

    adorbs ♡✩♡

  • Osha “Beylin” Gleen

    Great.This is the great update I have ever seen.nice job Whi. And this gonna be a my favorite app again and again still nu one could replace you.Keep it up my team.
    I love you all ^^

  • Badour

    افتخر انني من ضمنكم ilove u

  • This post is so informative for me thank you very much..

  • Madsta Lock

    hate the new logo – looks tacky

  • Wonderful video…