“Awww!” or “Ew!”: Make Valentine’s Day Yours With We Heart It’s Custom Instant Collections

February 13, 2015

We Heart It Valentine's Day Instant Collections

Let’s be honest: Valentine’s Day is kind of a love/hate holiday. Oh, the irony!

That’s why this year, we’ve got you prepped for any emotion Cupid sends your way.  Our Valentine’s Day instant collections range from romantic (hand-holding marathon, anyone?) to bittersweet (we all know what a break-up feels like) to food-themed (and let’s be honest…who wouldn’t want a heart-shaped pizza?). This February 14th, there’s something for everyone. 

Ready to start your celebration (or your sob-fest)? Click through to our expertly-curated instant collections to start creating yours, or check out some of our favorite member-created masterpieces below.

PS – Loving the slideshow? Add the We Heart It widget to your blog and begin sharing your collections with the world!

New Features

Sharing on your Apple device just got easier!

February 3, 2015

What’s new with sharing?

With the newest version of the We Heart It App on iOS 8, sharing to and from We Heart It is a breeze!

See an awesome photo on Safari? Add it to your We Heart It canvas in 2 taps! Want to share from your We Heart It canvas to Tumblr? It’s now even easier.

How to turn on sharing 

Find something you want to share. In this example, we’ll use the Safari browser.

Browse to a web page that has a photo you want to share.
Tap the top of Safari so you can see your controls.


Tap the Share icon.

Tap the More icon.
Tap the toggle next to We Heart It

Using the 3 lines on the right, drag We Heart It up high so it’s easy to get to!

Tap Done.

How to share to We Heart It 

Find the page that has the image you want to share (we’ll use Safari in this example).
Tap the top of Safari so you can see your controls.
Tap the Share icon.
Tap We Heart It.

Scroll through the different photos from the page, tap the one you want to share.

Add the photo to a collection.

Hit “Post.”
The photo will show up on your Canvas!

How to share from We Heart It 

Open We Heart It and find the photo you want to share.
Tap the Share icon.

Tap the app you want to share the photo to (we’ll use Twitter in this example).

Review your tweet and hit “Post” when you’re done!



Keep in mind: not all apps are playing nice with iOS 8 yet, so you may not (yet) see We Heart It as a sharing option for every app. Unfortunately this is out of our control, but we will keep working to make sharing as easy as possible.


Check out your Year in Hearts

December 22, 2014

Year in Hearts 2014

Hey Hearters,

2014 is coming to a close…and what a year (in hearts!) it was! To all our wonderful, inspired and creative members — thank you for making this year the most beautiful and positive 12 months We Heart It has ever seen.

Curious what your 2014 looked like? You’re in luck — for the first time ever we’ve put together a personalized Year in Hearts collection for everyone who hearted 12 or more images in 2014. Just follow the button on the top right of the global Year in Hearts page to see your year play out in full and fabulous color.

Several of you have also created amazing Year in Hearts collections and we’re thrilled to share them. Check out the following for inspiration…we’re featuring your collections now through the new year!


Holiday Wishes with We Heart It

December 17, 2014

Holiday Wishes  - We Heart It

Hey Hearters,

The holiday season is upon us, school and work are wrapping up and we’re digging this opportunity to create the ultimate Holiday Wishes collection. Naturally, we want our entire community involved…and that means Y-O-U get to make a collection!

Whether you’re hoping for more time with friends, a chance to express your creativity, a week on a beach or the confidence to try a new look in the new year, this is your chance to share your Holiday Wishes with the world.

Don’t forget to name your collection “Holiday Wishes” so we can find it!

We’ll be featuring the most creative, unique and beautiful collections on our blog now through January 1 — here’s a sample collection to get you started!

Happy Hearting!


Heart the Holidays with Macy’s

December 4, 2014

Macy's Heart the Holidays -  We Heart It

Hey Hearters!

Hope you’re enjoying a fab start to your holiday season — and what better way to treat yourself in the new year than with a $500 Macy’s gift card?

We’ve partnered with our pals at Macy’s to make sure you’re decked out head-to-toe in 2015, so why not get started now? The steps are simple!

  1. Follow Macy’s on We Heart It
  2. Heart one of the four images featuring the Macy’s Star — you’ll find them in Macy’s Heart the Holidays collection
  3. Heart more images within Macy’s Heart the Holidays collection for additional chances to win

Happy hearting (and holidays!)!

PS — don’t forget to check out the official rules for full details and eligibility.


We Heart Video

November 14, 2014
We Heart Video

Hey Hearters…

Take our mini-quiz:

1. Are you obsessed with We Heart It?
2. Do you LOVE YouTube and Vimeo?

Answered “yes” and “yes”? Perfect — we’ve got the project for you!

Create a YouTube or Vimeo video telling us why you LOVE We Heart It — we’re showcasing our favorites for the next few weeks! This is your chance to tell the world about We Heart It, gain followers and subscribers, and, most of all, show off the creativity that populates your canvas!

The steps are simple — here’s what you need to do:

1. Create a YouTube or Vimeo video starring Y-O-U telling the world why you love We Heart It. Don’t forget to tag your video “We Heart It” so everyone can find it!
2. Heart your video on We Heart It and tag it “We Heart Video.” (Not sure how? Here’s a tutorial)
3. Check back every day to see if your vid is featured on the We Heart It canvas and our social channels!

We can’t wait to see your creativity — and beautiful faces — in action.


We Heart It Community Spotlight: Feling Poh

November 10, 2014

We Heart It - Feling Poh

One of the best things about We Heart It is the ability to share your creativity with an imaginative and supportive community — we’re all about discovering and nurturing talent.

That’s why we had a watercolor-induced freak-out when we discovered Feling Poh’s account. The Virginia native, whose whimsical artwork is the stuff phone and computer background dreams are made of, took some time to chat with us about what inspires her, how she uses We Heart It and more.

Hi Poh! Thanks for chatting with us. Let’s get right into it — for those unfamiliar with your illustrations and artwork, how would you describe them?

I like to consider my work as a journey into the bits and pieces of my memories, the people that I know or am interested in and their personalities or beauty. When I draw, I just let things happen. I always allow the composition to remain flexible without worrying too much about rules.

Subject-wise, it’s all about beauty with a sprinkle of fantasy. [My work] is a bit edgy but a little whimsical, too. All in all, I just love pretty things and drawing is my way to express that.

What a great description! Let’s talk a bit about the tools you use. What is your primary medium?

I love to do both traditional and digital paintings. For digital, I used Photoshop and the Wacom Tablet, and for traditional, I use pencil to do the initial sketch and then for coloring I use watercolor paints or colored pencils. For calligraphy, I use watercolor brushes and sumi ink.

(PS – Follow the Art Inspiration to check out different mediums, subject ideas and more!)

We Heart It - Feling Poh

How did you learn to illustrate? Did you go to school for illustration or take classes?

I have been drawing for as long as I can remember. So, pretty much practice on one hand and passion on the other. I do not consider myself a good illustrator yet, so I am still learning and have a long way to go.

I learned everything by myself and never took any special class, though I would love to be in one to sharpen my skills. The most important thing is to always inject your own ideas and imagination.

That’s impressive! Speaking of ideas and imagination, how did you develop your personal, unique illustration style?

I like to spend a lot of time browsing other artists’ artwork and studying styles of different illustrators. Over the years, as I’ve gotten into different projects, I’ve learned to draw faster and gradually developed my own style.

Fantastic. Now let’s chat a bit about We Heart It. What do you love about it?  

There are a lot of things I love about We Heart It. I love how I can come here every day and just relax during my spare time — it’s become a daily habit. I love how my artwork is loved and shared by so many people.

We Heart It has made me see things in a different light, learn a lot of cool stuff and improved my confidence in sharing my artwork.

Thank you We Heart It for featuring me and thanks to all of you who follow me!

We Heart It - Feling Poh

What advice would you give to aspiring artists hoping to make a splash on We Heart It?

Well, don’t doubt your art, believe in yourself and believe you can reach the goal you want to achieve, no matter how people around you may react. People in today’s society will push you down, but you gotta learn to pick yourself up. If you fail in one field, try another one.

Don’t be afraid to share your art with people around the world. Some will like it, some will love it; some will snicker, some will hate.

Never stop learning, yet never stop creating just because you face an uphill struggle. Make sure to be heard, go out there and let your art be seen. I think We Heart It is one of the best mediums for artists to share their work and gain exposure.

Such wise words! Now tell us — how long does it typically take you to complete a piece?

It varies depending upon the level of complexity. A colored illustration takes around 5-ish hours. For a sketch, it depends on the picture, but usually between 30 minutes and 2 hours.

We Heart It - Feling Poh

Where do you get your inspiration for your calligraphy pieces? They are so beautiful and inspiring! 

The Internet definitely plays a big role, but I find myself inspired by everything from music to books to movies to nature.

What is your favorite thing to illustrate?

I love to draw amazing faces, gorgeous flowers and people I know and adore. Sometimes one little word or image will trigger an idea.

Do you have any favorite We Heart It accounts you recommend other users follow?

I love Pinodesk. I like her watercolor illustrations. They’re very inspiring.

And last but not least — how did you discover We Heart It?

Around five years ago when I was trying to collect references for my designs, We Heart It kept popping up on Google Images – I had to check out what it was! When I found out I was instantly hooked. I love how We Heart It is an art gallery for all kinds of artistic endeavors – not just photography, quotes and illustration. Whether it’s fashion, crafting, home decor, homemaking or traditional art, they all get equal attention on We Heart It. I think there’s something very beautiful and empowering about that.

Don’t forget to follow Feling Poh on We Heart It — her artwork makes amazing social media, phone and computer backgrounds and she’s constantly updating her canvas with gorgeous new images.

Want to be featured in our next spotlight piece? Let us know!


Psst…It’s Happening! We Heart It: Meetup 2015

November 7, 2014

We Heart It - Meetup 2015

Thanks to those of you who weighed in on our plans for a We Heart It meetup. The results are in, and it’s real! We’re planning to take We Heart It offline and into real life. Prepare yourselves for the first-ever We Heart It meetup.

After reading through your responses, we’re excited to see you would love a We Heart It-hosted weekend meetup — great for hearters with school or work obligations!

As for where we’ll be meeting, a restaurant, cafe or outdoor location was most-requested — so come hungry and with sunblock. And, while we had global interest, Los Angeles was our most-requested meetup city.

Here’s what you have to look forward to:

  • Amazing We Heart It swag and giveaways (we just have to share our official goodies with our favorite people)
  • The chance to connect in-person and make friends with the people who inspire you every day
  • Real-time Heart-a-thon with team members — heart images, discuss photography and editing techniques and maybe even have your image featured on the official We Heart It canvas

We’re still fleshing out the details and exact location, but stay tuned for more information — the first We Heart It meetup will be coming in 2015.

(PS – in the meantime, check out We Heart It Inspirations and spice up your feed with more of the images you love!)


We Heart How You Heart

November 4, 2014

How I Heart - We Heart It

We asked; you hearted!

…and it’s been amazing to see the unique and beautiful images you’ve created.
As part of our “How I Heart” campaign, the We Heart It team asked you, our amazingly innovative community, to share images showing just that: how you heart!

Check out our curated collection of some of our favorites (13 million of you are already following!) and keep adding to the tag to connect with others and show your love for We Heart It.

PS – Love the look of the look of a We Heart It slideshow? Add it to your blog or website with the easy-to-install widget and start showing off your canvas and collections!

We Heart It Community Spotlight: ODESZA

October 29, 2014

ODESZA's Canvas on We Heart It

Looking for some chilled-out music to heart to? We’ve got you covered: electronica duo and We Heart It users ODESZA.

Harrison Mills and Clay Knight (yes, they have real names!) recently took some time to chat with We Heart It about their creative process, producing music in the middle of the night (seriously, who hasn’t found inspiration past 2am?!) and their visual aesthetic. Check out their answers below and don’t forget to follow their We Heart It profile. Side note — fans of the muted colors tag will dig it.

Your hearted images definitely have a commonality — they all seem to feature muted colors, natural elements and modern fonts. What message are you hoping to convey to your fans through your art, which is obviously carefully chosen?

[We] think we’re just drawn to a certain aesthetic. A melancholy brightness for lack of a better term. [We] think that shows in our use of fall colors. The season seems to represent that idea well.

While we’re on that topic — how often do visuals play into your creative process? Do you take inspiration from photos, movies or other visual mediums?

Yes, very much so. We’re big fans of film and their soundtracks. A carefully curated soundtrack can make a film look and feel ten times better. Drive is one that did that very well.

ODESZA on We Heart It

How important is your physical environment when writing songs? Do you have any crazy rituals?

No crazy rituals. We feel most inspired at 2AM when everyone’s asleep and were at home working with headphones on.

As a duo, there must be times when you disagree about the creative direction of your music. How do you work through that to find a compromise?

We try to inspire or impress each other. If there is a disagreement (which is few and far between) we try and prove to the other one why something works by either tweaking the sound or telling the other person to sit with it and wait to make a judgment on it.

Describe the journey you’ve been on as musicians. Has it always come naturally or easily? How do you stay motivated when things get tough?

It’s had its ups and downs but we’ve been very lucky to have people take us under their wing, like Emancipator taking us on his tour bus for our first-ever tour, or when we first started and our friends let us borrow their more reliable car. We stay motivated because this is something we love and believe in, and having great friends that believe in us too doesn’t hurt.

Other than creating music, what do you like to do to express yourselves creatively?

Harrison: I like doing design and illustration.
Clay: Reading and coding.

What were your favorite ways to get creative as kids? Do you find yourself ever going back to those childhood hobbies just for fun in order to gain inspiration?

Harrison: I use to skateboard and ride my bike with my headphones on and listen to movie soundtracks. That really helped with the flow of ideas.

Your new album is awesome and really chilled out — how would you describe it to someone who is unfamiliar to the electronic music scene?

[We’re] not sure exactly. [We] guess [we’d] say it’s a melodic album mixed with indie-pop-electronic-ambient-world music influences. But [we’re] not sure that would make it any more clear!

Don’t forget to follow ODESZA on We Heart It — and feel free to leave your comments for the guys below in the comments section!