Fall Back, Give Forward: One Hour of Positivity

October 28, 2015

Fall Back, Give Forward

Hearters! This Sunday, November 1st, Hearters in the US and Canada gain an extra hour due to the end of daylight saving time. You could spend that extra hour snuggling under the covers, or you could join with other Hearters across the US and Canada to donate that hour for a good cause. We call it Fall Back, Give Forward, and we’d love for you to join us.

What we ask:

It’s simple! Just give an hour of your time for a good cause. For example:

  • Post only positive content on social media
  • Go through your closet and donate clothes to a charity
  • Volunteer at an animal shelter
  • Or do any good deed of your choice

Let us know in the comments how you plan to use your extra hour, or better yet, upload an image on We Heart It showing your support, and use the tag Fall Back, Give Forward. Think what a difference we could make if each of us gave just one hour.


Mickey Guyton Shares Thoughts on Inspiration, Staying Optimistic and Reaching Beyond The Stars

October 9, 2015

We sat down with Arlington, Texas native, musician Mickey Guyton to chat inspiration, personal style and shooting for your dreams. “She believed she could so she did,” Mickey is the next big thing to hit the country music scene. She made her first national television appearance on stage at the White House during an all-star concert and spent this past summer touring with Grammy winner & country superstar Brad Paisley. With all of these amazing achievements falling into place, we’re pretty sure Mickey has even greater things up her sleeves – on the way. Not only is she down-to-earth, but her enthusiasm is so infectious. She simply has a beautiful soul. Follow us through Mickey’s We Heart It interview and learn how you can keep your spirits high, too.

Do you have a creative process or routine, or do you write and create most when it’s least expected?
I usually have a routine. Whenever I’m in town I try to schedule writing sessions with some of my favorite writers. I always have my iPad full of song title ideas, my journal and my guitar with me – the essentials!

What advice would you give the younger generation working towards their dreams?
My biggest advice is to never give up. It sounds cliché but it is seriously so true. You never know when that big opportunity is going to come, it may just be around the corner. Also, try not to compare your journey to other people’s, that can really mess with your head and it’s important to keep focused on your goal.

Where do you find inspiration for your music?
From life – everyday in life there’s a song. We’re all the same. We may be different but we all go through a lot of the same stuff. My journal is huge when it comes to my songwriting. It is full of inspirational quotes, and entries about what’s going on in my life. It’s so important to look back, reflect and be able to see what you’ve gone through and how you’ve grown from it. That’s actually what inspired me to write my song “Unbreakable,” just flipping through my journal. Also, listening to other tunes can be so inspiring. I love all types of music and pop music right now is great. I get a bunch of ideas there.

Besides music, what other creative outlets do you enjoy? We noticed you have an excellent sense of personal style!
Aww, thank you! Well, I do love to shop – especially on a budget. It’s a nice challenge to be able to find cool stuff that’s really affordable. Mainly, music is my fun… I try to dance when I’m on stage and I have a blast doing that. Being near my friends and their personalities… They all do different things and are creative in their own ways – they just inspire me so much.

What is your favorite part about performing?
Being able to see people’s responses and feeding off of the energy from the crowd is an amazing feeling. Meeting people after the show, as well. More than anything, it’s knowing that my music (and doing something I love) is able to touch someone else and have a positive impact on their lives, in that moment, even if it’s just one person.

Describe your ideal on-stage outfit.
I love shorts and flowy tops – and HEELS. I literally won’t go on stage without heels on. In the fall, I love a good hat.

How do you stay in touch with family and friends at home when you’re on the road?
My good ole cell phone! I always try to take time to catch up with my friends and family. Ultimately, they are the most important. It can definitely get lonely out on the road! A lot of my family and friends have been able to make it to at least one show. It’s nice traveling to different cities and seeing different friendly and familiar faces out in the crowd.

Who are your musical influences?
Dolly Parton, Martina McBride, Whitney Houston, Carrie Underwood – women with big voices, I am immediately drawn to them. They are all just so amazing – incredible singers and also, strong women.

We Heart It is a positive place for inspiration. Any advice for Hearters on how you stay positive?
Whenever something negative comes into my life, I face it head on, deal with it, hurt over it and move on. Everything happens for a reason and everything always works out the way it was meant to. You have to embrace the hurt because it makes you appreciate the good that much more. “If you want the rainbow, you gotta put up with the rain,” as Dolly says. I also surround myself with positive people – it’s important to have those people who lift you up.

You’re a trailblazer in country music. Any advice for other young women who want to succeed in a male-dominated world?
You just have to focus on those dreams, stay driven. It definitely gets hard, but never give up, always fight and believe in yourself!


About a year before Mickey Guyton even existed in this universe, we heard it from Toni Basil herself: “Oh Mickey, you’re so fine. You’re so fine, you blow my mind, hey Mickey!” Toni obviously knew, one day, someone remarkable by the name of Mickey would make her mark on the world. Stay up-to-date and connected with Mickey through her We Heart It canvas!


Rachel Platten on Loving Yourself, Taylor Swift and Why She Loves We Heart It

August 27, 2015
Rachel Platten - We Heart It

She’s a fighter! Rachel Platten has the biggest song of the year with “Fight Song.” We can’t get enough of this girl power anthem which we premiered right here on We Heart It. Rachel loves We Heart It and uses her own collections for ideas. The singer’s career has skyrocketed since “Fight Song” and after taking the stage with Taylor Swift and performing at the Teen Choice Awards, she has no plans on slowing down. While on the road—and currently on crutches from jumping off the stage—Rachel spoke to us about how “Fight Song” changed her life and how you can be inspired too! — An interview by Sowmya Krishnamurthy

“Fight Song” is such a powerful song. We loved it from the first time we heard it.  What inspired you to write it?

I was kind of at the end of my rope. I was going through such a hard time, doubting myself. I had this decision to make: Do I keep going [as a singer] or do I quit? “Fight Song” is this decision, this separation that I was gonna keep fighting and believing in myself.

Before you debuted your “Fight Song” lyric video with We Heart It last summer, you hearted several lyric images onto your canvas.  The lyrics have been very powerful on We Heart It. Many images have over 20,000 hearts. Why do you think Hearters gravitate to this song?

I don’t know if I have the answer other than it came from such a real place in me. I just needed that reminder and maybe it’s not just me. Maybe it’s universal. Maybe we all need to be reminded of our own strength and we need to believe in ourselves and not give up. We’re all hurting. We’re all fighting these great battles and we keep a lot of them private. I think “Fight Song” lets people open up and declare, “Actually I am facing the same thing I want to overcome but guess what? I’m going to keep fighting for it and keep going.”

Last year, you told Hearters to “Find something you love, work hard at it, harder than you ever thought you could, but not for anyone else other than you.” What advice do you have for us now on achieving your dreams?

That’s good advice! [Laughs]. Oh my gosh. [Now], the same thing but with even more hope. It works! Hard work pays off. That work–yes it feels lonely and yes it can feel like it’s only you out there–but I truly believe that you will be rewarded for all of the energy and effort you put in, especially if what you’re doing is coming from your heart.

A lot of fans are now learning about your earlier music like “1,000 Ships,” “Nothing Ever Happens” and “Begin Again” and new ones like “Lone Ranger” or “Congratulations.” Besides “Fight Song,” do you have a personal favorite?

“Congratulations.” I just love that song. I wrote it when I was in a really big fight with someone close to me and I’m pretty bad in fights. I’ll either get passive aggressive or I’ll back off and get intimidated. This song is about that feeling of “I can’t give anymore. You win.”

You’re very confident and self-assured now. Were you always like this? If you could go back in time, what would you tell your 15-year- old self?

I wasn’t always so confident. Not even close. I remember being so insecure and so unsure of myself when I was a teenager. I just never felt that I was smart enough or pretty enough or talented enough. I look back on that now, I wish I could hug that person and tell her to ease up on herself. Sometimes I’m still hard on myself now and maybe 40-year-old me will look back and want to hug me like, “Give yourself a break! You’re doing a really good job.”

What’s been the most unexpected thing you’ve learned over the past year?

How much strength I have. I had a trip in London (my first international trip promoting my music) and a 5-day intense stretch. I was worried my voice wouldn’t hold up and my energy level wouldn’t hold up because I was coming off a tour and flew right back onto a show. I remember being afraid of that. The end of the week came and my voice was in perfect shape and my body was feeling great. I was so proud of how much energy I had. I think what’s changed is what I think I’m capable of and how much confidence I have.

We love your “ART STYLE INSPIRATION” Collection on your Canvas.  Where do you find inspiration for your collections?

I made several collections a year ago before all of this was going on. I’ve gotten to watch myself online on We Heart It. It’s interesting to see what I hearted a year ago. I’ve always been into encouraging myself and empowering myself with images. It’s how I kept going in this career. I think I pick things that make my soul feel good whether it’s nature or fashion I’m drawn to that makes me feel like a badass. I have a whole style inspiration page on We Heart It that I use for my photoshoots for my album. A lot of those images are motorcycle boots and distressed t-shirts and leather jackets. Women kind of in this rock and roll but also feminine vibe.”

How would you describe your collections?

A lot of my stuff is feminine and encouraging and edgy.

You’re friends with Taylor Swift and performed “Fight Song” with her for a crowd of over fifty thousand people. That’s pretty amazing. What was that like?

It was incredible. Taylor is an amazing, amazing woman. She’s so kind. She’s generous and giving and inspirational. Getting to play with her was honestly amazing. It was amazing.

What do you Heart most about Taylor Swift?

She’s kept so true to her core beliefs. She wants her fans to feel empowered and it doesn’t matter how big she’s gotten. She gives her fans that message every night.

What’s next for you?

The album’s coming in the fall. We’re putting the finishing touches on it now. I’m really excited for everyone to hear these songs. I’m so proud of them. I have a new single coming out in September.