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From We Heart It to Whi

December 12, 2016

Dear Hearters,

We recently asked you to show us what Whi means to you (remember this?) and what you said was amazing. Your hearts and collections – tens of thousands of them – spoke to a movement that stands for love, self-expression and the freedom to be whoever you want to be. Thank you for sharing!

You may have also noticed something about our logo… we gave our HEART a makeover! We had a lot of fun coming up with this new look – it’s modern, graphic, fun and – importantly – centered around our HEART. And just to be bold – like our movement – we stuck with a vibrant pink. What can we say, we’re proud to be Whi. (ps – can you spot the W, H and the I? 😉)

Over the next few days you’ll see this rolling out on the app, on, on our Instagram, Facebook and our Twitter. While you’ll hear us referring to We Heart It as Whi (we), we always encourage authenticity and self-expression which means whether you want to call us Whi, We Heart It, W-H-I or more, we support it and we celebrate it… And that will never change.

Thank you again for being such an incredible and supportive community. You are changing the world one heart at a time. Whi really want to hear what you think, and want your help spreading the word by finding your favorite heart and sharing it using the hashtag #WHIHeart. Create a collection, share to your Instagram, Facebook or Twitter – it is up to you! Don’t forget to tag us (@weheartit) for a chance to be featured and watch the video below for some inspiration.


“Whi” the People of We Heart It

November 16, 2016


Dear Hearters,

We Heart It is a visual app for expressing what you love. And We are in awe with how you (all 49 million of you!) express yourselves fearlessly, creatively and unapologetically. Remember love yourself week? Thanks to you, We are a community where being your authentic self is all that is expected. Good day or a bad, you will always find others who know how you feel.

That’s a pretty powerful thing. By freely and proudly expressing who you are and what you love, and supporting others doing the same, you power a movement that celebrates self-love over self-image. Our movement has blossomed into a welcoming oasis to millions for whom the path is not always friendly or clear. Together We are strong.

As a brand it’s important to start with asking “why” you do what you do. We are passionate because We know our work is important. It is humbling to think how you, our members, will break glass ceilings, reach new heights and move our society forward in our lifetimes. Our vision is to provide a place where every young person around the world – regardless of religion, orientation, gender or beliefs – can express their authentic self. Together We are strong.

Looking at the world around us, it’s clear We need to work together. As a Company We have ambitious plans to innovate and grow in support of our movement. And the first step is simple: We are evolving how We say our name from We Heart It to Whi (pronounced ‘We!’). This will serve as a constant reminder that Whi are in this together. Together, Whi are strong and together Whi can do this!

With all our hearts,

The Whi❤️ Team

P.S. – Celebrate our movement by creating a collection of what Whi means to you and be featured in our next product release! Here’s some inspiration to get you started. Get going and have fun!

Introducing Easel

December 18, 2015

Today we launched our first-ever companion app, Easel! With Easel you can bring your photos to life with beautiful quotes, fonts, and filters. You can share directly to We Heart It and many other social apps in just a few taps. We hope you enjoy Easel and can’t wait to see all of your new creations!